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What makes you stay loyal to an Online Casino?

Once you’ve registered with an online casino or any kind of online gaming site – what is it that makes you stay loyal – or do you tend to chop and change continually? 

The statistics don’t paint a clear picture, as yet, of how many people stay loyal to online gaming sites – but anecdotal evidence seems to show that the tendency to chop and change continually in order to take advantage of the introductory welcome bonuses on offer is slowing. This is, of course, inevitable to a certain extent as there are only so many of us available to play and once we’ve exhausted the registration possibilities, they’re gone (though new sites are springing up all the time). But there may also be a little “stoozing” fatigue setting in.

What this means for providers is that the market is as competitive as it ever was, but that they need to work harder to make us stay loyal. There are some hindrances to movement, but these are mainly concerned with the user interfaces; in other words, once we’ve got used to gaming on a site and got used to its interface, we tend – on the whole – to stay where we are.

Online Bingo players tend to be a little less mobile than casino players – which seems to suggest they’re more in it for the fun than the money alone. Perhaps casino players are playing purely for the cash – whereas Bingo players are more in it for the fun? But this is speculation only and the online Bingo providers still have to work their socks off to keep customers loyal.

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What makes you stay loyal to an online casino?